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CCCI Lecture Series

Our Cornell Contemporary China Initative Lecture Series, launched in the spring 2015, is the cornerstone  of the CCCI. It features interdisciplinary talks by scholars and researchers on contemporary issues in China. The lectures are free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome to join us!

China's Rural-Urban Integration is the thematic focus of this fall's lecture series. Corresponding to Asian Studies course 3389 taught by Professor Robin McNeal this new thematic approach will be reflected in subsequent semesters.  Please scroll down to the course description below the lecture series schedule.  The lectures move back to Goldwin Smith Hall Room 64.  Though we are not holding lectures every week this year, they still take place on Monday from 4:30 to 6:00 including time for in depth Q and A with the speaker. Students will have a chance to speak at length with our guest lecturer during the class held the following Tuesday morning.  Contact the Cornell Contemporary China Initiative for complete course information:

Each lecture is recorded and made accessible to the entire Cornell community and public. The full-length lecture videos are archived on this website under the corresponding semester. 

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Fall 2019

Complete titles and abstracts to be published soon

September 9 TR Kidder, Edward S. and Tedi Macias Professor and Chair, Anthropology, Professor of Environmental Studies | Director, Geoarchaeology Laboratory, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS

September 30 Arriane Gaetanao, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director Of The Women’s Studies Program, AUBURN UNIVERSITY

October 7 Julia Chuang, Assistant Professor, Sociology, MORRISSEY COLLEGE

November 14 Tom McDonald, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, HONG KONG UNIVERSITY

The CCCI lecture series corresponds to a four credit course that meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
ASIAN 3389

Today, China's massive, complex urban infrastructure and breakneck urban growth are driving forces in the global flow of people, money, resources, and ideas. Across its long history, the question of how China's urban centers have been nested into larger networks of outlying rural areas, and how those outlying regions were or were not well integrated (politically, economically, culturally) with urban centers, has been of great concern to politicians, merchants, moral philosophers, artists, urban planners, and ideologues.  This course poses a single fundamental question: are there in fact two enduring Chinas, one urban and one rural, with vastly different cultures, economies, and social landscapes? Additionally, we will ask, what has over a century of industrialization and modernization done to the rural-urban divide and historical modes of rural-urban integration?  We will examine these questions from a wide array of sources, including historical and archaeological data, sociological and anthropological inquiry, and artistic and literary production.  We will also explore various critical approaches to analyzing and conceptualizing rural and urban life across these sources.

Spring 2019

February 11 Mark W. Frazier (The New School)

February 18 Eli Friedman (Cornell University)

March 4 Allen Carlson (Cornell University)

March 11 Darren Byler Anthropology (University of Washington)

March 18 Ken Liu Award-winning science-fiction author and translator

April 15 Taisu Zhang (Yale University)

April 22 Charlotte Brooks History (Baruch College)

April 29 Guldana Salimjan Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)



Fall 2018

SEPT. 24  Kam Wing Chan (University of Washington)

OCT. 1: Karen Eggelston (Director, Stanford University Asia Health Policy Program)

OCT. 15: David Wang (Harvard University)

OCT. 22: Jeff Wasserstrom (University of California, Irvine)

OCT. 29: Erin Huang (Princeton University)

NOV. 5: Jeremy Wallace (Cornell University)

NOV. 12: DAVID PALMER (Hong Kong University)

Spring 2018

February 12: John Osburg (University of Rochester)

February 26: Aynne Kokas (University of Virginia)

March 5: Yangyang Cheng (Cornell University)

March 19: Wu Man and the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band

March 26: Jane Hayward (London School of Economics and Political Science)

April 9: Andrew Erickson (U.S. Naval War College)

April 16: Nellie Chu (Visiting Scholar, Cornell University)

April 23: Adam Yuet Chau (University of Cambridge)

Fall 2017

SEPTEMBER 11: GUOLONG LAI (Associate Professor of Chinese Art and Archaeology, University of Florida)

SEPTEMBER 18: THOMAS DUBOIS (Historian of Chinese Religion and Society, Australian National University)

SEPTEMBER 25: YUNXIANG YAN (Professor of Social Anthropology, UCLA)

OCTOBER 2: JIA-CHING CHEN Assistant Professor of Global Studies, UC Santa Barbara)

OCTOBER 16: WANSANA WONGSURAWAT (Assistant Professor of History, Chulalongkorn University)

OCTOBER 23: HOWARD FRENCH (Associate Professor of Journalism, Columbia Journalism School)

NOVEMBER 6: LI ZHANG (Professor of Anthropology, UC Davis)

NOVEMBER 13: KEVIN CARRICO (Lecturer of Chinese Studies, Macquarie University)

SPRING 2017 Lecture Series

FEBRUARY 13: Mary Lovely (Syracuse University)

FEBRUARY 27: Yiyun Li (UC Davis)

MARCH 6: Tami Blumenfield (Furman University)

MARCH 13: Roselyn Hsueh (Temple University)

MARCH 20: Jessica Chen Weiss (Cornell University)

MARCH 27: Mary Ann O'Donnell (Shenzhen-based artist & enthnographer)

APRIL 10: Wendy Su (UC Riverside)

APRIL 17: Shu-mei Shih (UCLA)

FALL 2016 Lecture Series

SEPTEMBER 19: Matthew Erie (University of Oxford)

SEPTEMBER 26: Darrin Magee (Hobart & William Smith Colleges)

OCTOBER 3: Angela Zito (New York University)

OCTOBER 17: Robert Weller (Boston University)

OCTOBER 24: Liu Zhi (Peking University)

OCTOBER 31: Ruixue Jia (UCSD)

NOVEMBER 7: Wenguang Wu & The Memory Project filmmakers (Caochangdi Workstation in Beijing)

NOVEMBER 14: Magnus Fiskesjö (Cornell University)

NOVEMBER 21:Shanjun Li (Cornell University)

SPRING 2016 Lecture Series

FEBRUARY 8: Yongheng Deng (National University of Singapore)

FEBRUARY 22: Zachary Howlett (Cornell University)

FEBRUARY 29: Bai Gao (Duke University)

MARCH 7: Leta Hong Fincher (Chinese University of Hong Kong; Columbia University)

MARCH 14: Timothy Oakes (University of Colorado at Boulder)

MARCH 21: Alex Wang (UCLA)

APRIL 4: Yujie Zhu (Australian National University)

APRIL 11: Wu Man (Pipa player and composer)

APRIL 19: Suzanne Scoggins (Stanford University)

APRIL 25: Philip Tinari (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing)

FALL 2015 Lecture Series

SEPTEMBER 14: Sida Liu (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

SEPTEMBER 21: Yu Zhou (Vassar College)

SEPTEMBER 28: Sebastian Veg (School of Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Paris)

OCTOBER 5: Maria Repnikova (University of Pennsylvania)

OCTOBER 19: Annetta Fotopoulos (Cornell University)

OCTOBER 26: Michael Meyer (University of Pittsburgh)

NOVEMBER 2: Nick Admussen (Cornell University)

NOVEMBER 9: Aminda Smith (Michigan State University)

NOVEMBER 16: Basile Zimmermann (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

SPRING 2015 Lecture Series

FEBRUARY 23: Tiantian Zheng (SUNY Cortland)

MARCH 2: Carlos Rojas (Duke University)

MARCH 9: Oliver Gao (Cornell University)

MARCH 16: John Yasuda (Univerity of Pennsylvania)

MARCH 23: Karl Gerth (UCSD)

APRIL 6: Christian Sorace (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

APRIL 13: Anne Marie Brady (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

APRIL 20: Paola Iovene (University of Chicago)

APRIL 27: Victor Nee (Cornell University)