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CCCI Spring 2016

Yongheng Deng

Provost's Chair Professor, Professor of Real Estate and Finance, National University of Singapore

February 8, 2016

View full lecture video: "Evaluating the Risk of Chinese Housing Markets: What We Know and What We Need to Know"

This lecture is co-sponsored by Cornell Institute for China Economic Research (CICER).


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Zachary Howlett

Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology, Cornell University

February 22, 2016

Watch full lecture video: "China's National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao) as a Fateful Rite of Passage: 'A Great Army Crossing a Narrow Plank Bridge'"

Bai Gao

Professor of Sociology, Duke University

February 29, 2016

Watch full lecture video: "One Belt, One Road:  China's Grand Strategy for the 21st Century"

Leta Hong Fincher

Mellon Visiting Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University

March 7, 2016

Watch full lecture video: "China's 'Leftover' Women and the End of the One-Child Policy"

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Society for the Humanities and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Additional resources:

Fincher, Leta Hong. Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China. Zed Books, 2014.

Fincher, Leta Hong. "China's Entrenched Gender Gap." New York Times, May 20, 2013.

Fincher, Leta Hong. "China's two-child policy: Single mothers left out." BBC, November 2, 2015.

Timothy Oakes

Professor, Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder

March 14, 2016

Watch full-length video: "The Urban Ideology in China"

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Alex Wang

Assistant Professor of Law, UCLA Law School

March 21, 2016

Watch full-length video: "The Promise (and Peril) of Environmental Law Reform in China"

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture.

Wu Man

Chinese pipa virtuoso and composer

April 11, 2016

Watch full-length video: "My Music Education in China"

This lecture is co-sponsored by Cornell Concert Series.


Additional resources:

Wu Man and Andrea Cavazzuti, Discovering a Musical Heartland: Wu Man’s Return to China (2012).

Suzanne Scoggins

Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, UC Berkeley; Assistant Professor, Clark University

April 18, 2016

Watch full lecture video: "Policing in the Shadow of Protest"


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Philip Tinari

Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing

April 25, 2016

Watch full lecture video: How Contemporary Chinese Art Became Global: Artists, Exhibitions, Markets, Mediators 1985-2015

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Johnson Museum of Art and the Department of History of Art & Visual Studies.

Additional resources:

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Tinari, Philip. "M+ Sigg Collection: Four Decades of Chinese Contemporary Art," Artforum (Summer 2016).