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EAP Graduate Student Steering Committee (GSSC)

EAP GSSC Rey Chow visit

Who we are: The Graduate Student Steering Committee (GSSC) was first convened in October 2009. Its purposes are to enhance communication and professional networking among East Asia Program (EAP) graduate students, represent graduate student interests and concerns to the larger EAP academic community, and facilitate scholarly exchange among graduate students and EAP faculty. The officers of the EAP GSSC are nominated and appointed each academic year from among the graduate students of the East Asia Program.

The GSSC holds a series of events throughout the academic year including organizing and facilitating two annual EAP graduate student-sponsored lectures, the Brown Bag Forum, featuring works in progress by Cornell faculty and from scholars of nearby universities, and professionalization activities for EAP graduate students.  In addition, the GSSC coordinates and disburses an allocation of EAP funding for campus-wide East Asia-focused activities.

The criteria for applying for EAP GSSC activity funds are the following:

The application must come from a registered Cornell University student organization focused on East Asia. The proposed activity must meet the goal of enhancing the intellectual life of the Cornell community by promoting the study or celebration of East Asia. The proposed activity must be campus-wide.

Those interested should send a proposal to

Applications for GSSC funding will be accepted until the following dates for each semester:

  • November 20 for fall semester
  • March 1 for spring semester

 “What impressed me about EAP-GSSC was the initiative of the students to cross disciplinary and area boundaries. Having studied and taught in programs where boundaries were so strictly maintained—whether it was in Chinese Studies or History—it is good to see the breakthrough in the new generation. Of course, we need the disciplinary and specialized training, but creativity and imagination mostly comes from contact with other realms of knowledge and thought.”

  -Prasenjit Duara, invited speaker, Spring 2011 The publication of Prasenjit Duara's talk, "The Cold War as a historical period: an interpretive essay" can be found at Journal of Global History (2011) 6.

The general email address for the GSSC is:

Visit us on Facebook:


List of GSSC Officers for Fall 2017

1) Nari Yoon (co-chair): ny64

2) Ai Baba (co-chair): ab2335

3) Subrina Shen (manages Invited Speaker Series): xs255

4) Kun Huang (manages Graduate Student Colloquiums) : kh668

5) Shu-mei Lin (manages Professionalization Workshops): sl2688

6) Shiau-Yun Chen (advisor): sc2453