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Award-winner! 2018 Bruno Nettl Prize: What the Doctor Overheard: Dr. Leopold Müller's Account of Music in Early Meiji Japan. Some Notes on Japanese Music. Einige Notizen über die japanische Musik. 日本音楽に関するノート (1874-1876)

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Translated, edited, with Prefaces and a Postface by Elizabeth Markham, Naoko Terauchi, and Rembrandt Wolpert
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Co-recipient of 2018 Bruno Nettl Prize from the Society of Ethnomusicology

About the Editors

Elizabeth Markham is Professor of History at University of Arkansas, researching music and culture in East Asia with a focus on court and temple arts in medieval Japan.

Naoko Terauchi is Professor of Japaese Performing Arts at Kobe University, studying Japanese traditional music and performing arts.

Rembrandt Wolpert is Professor of History at University of Arkansas, with research interests in performing arts and computational analysis in East Asia.

About the Book

This study with full translation into both English and Japanese illuminates and reassesses Prussian medical scientist and physican Leopold Müller’s pioneering contribution on Japanese music, especially courtly gagaku, written and published in Japan in a series from 1874 to 1876. It reveals the author, founder of the Medical Academy in Tokyo and personal physician to the Meiji Emperor, as an important man of his day both in Japan and back at home. And it proposes that, with the recent rise of interest in the medical humanities and a musicological call for embracing the cognitive-scientific along with the historical and ethnographical, Müller's first-hand observations of a foreign music made from the practical body-oriented approach and ethnographic pen of a medical scientist ought also find new resonance nowadays.  |  368 pages



Leopold Müller: German physician in Tokyo (1871–1875)

Notes on “Notes”

Traces of early reception

“Notes” and the Berlin School of Comparative Musicology

Dr Leopold Müler’s collaborators and Meiji Japan

1874 日本音楽に関するノート

1875 第 6 号より続く

1876 第 8号からの続き、完結編

Postface: A remark on Müller’s interactive gagaku study score



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